Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ausTech news Episode 93: GOOD TO BE BACK

Episode 93: Good to be back

Besides a bit of eFame being on Gamearenas own weekly street talk (In brown, episode 23, at 1:31!), I casted the event with shoutcasting. In between getting ready to move house, I fill people in with tips on helping you take screenshots easier, and other tech news worth talking about.

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Creative launch new PCI-e based sound cards
press release from creative

MSI and Asus also going to war - source

Wii-ware hacked - source

Wii-ware out, launch titles revealed - source

EA announces new copy protection for Spore and Mass Effect
bioware's forums
*Update* - Since this announcement, a major backlash cause EA to rethink this idea, stepping back slightly on its copy protection.

ausTech news and Gamestah casting the WcG finals
writeup of the event here!

I was lucky enough to cast for the Get Into Games Expo, in its Call of Duty 4 Section. Listen in to the show here how I talk about how it was, and the results of the matches. It was a lot of fun, and can't wait to be there in the future, helping out local LAN cafe store Guf set-up a impressive array of gaming machines and equipment to make the event run smoothly.

Tip of the week:
The Snip tool (vista)
Want a easy to use and fast way of taking screenshots and putting them on the web?
try this out - it comes with your Machine! Click on start and type in "snip" if you want to
jump straight in to the program, otherwise read on in the link to find out more about it.
But basicly, the features you can look forward to is scribbling on the image (to add annotations), as well as resizing and cropping.
Go watch video tute on

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