Thursday, July 13, 2006

AusTech news - Episode 10: Tenz0r!

Episode 10: Tenz0r!

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- Call of Duty 3 Gameplay footage
Link to video webpage

- PSP shenanigans including 2.5 downgrade
A rant with Brett and Shaun

- Olympic swimsuit design uses supercomputers
Link to slashdot source

- Moving house and comparing internet VOIP plans / what is VOIP?
Link to.... oh wait, its us talking again!

- 715 Megapixel Sydney photo
Link to photo on his website

- Rocketboom video blog face Amanda Congdon sacking cover up
Link to Wikipedia info

- DoD:S free weekend impressions take 2
Link to

- Sony PS3 Q/A reveals lots of secrets
Link to original Q/A

This weeks video picks - Leaping Lizard man and McDonalds "I LOVE IT!"

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