Monday, June 04, 2007

ausTech news - Episode 50: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


On our 50th episode, I look back a bit inbetween the hectic news to see what the shows been like the last year. Geez, We've been around for over a year!

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Malfunctioning fax machine prints out bomb clipart, forces evacuation of area - lollerskates

Unreal Tournament 3 release date - about time!

Half life 2 Deathmatch and Lost coast available for free for ATI users - official notice

Windows XP will have a Service pack 3! - read between the lines...

Halo 2 update to fix nudity? - article

Microsoft announces "surface" software - story

Wii mic?
money.cnn - woot.

New Supreme commander patch is out!
supcomtalk - source

Better search technology - right in Melbourne! - go us!

1986 Mac Plus versus 2007 AMD Dualcore - see who wins!

You'll have to listen to the podcast to find out..... The store that I was talking about, was Zest though:
Have a look at the most wanted list about halfway down the page!

Tip(s)! of the week

Modify your X-fi to sound like a audiophiles card!
This tip requires some soldering, but you'll get a much more meatier soundcard as a bonus.

Wii Saber
Use your mac to make your Wii-mote sound like a lightsaber!

Videos of the week:
Mortal Kombat Vs Streetfighter

A great, high action, sprite based with some damn great effects and music

Metal Gear Awesome

Words fail me, this guy is a legend, let the Metal Gear lols begin!

Crab Battle
The mighty crab battle, a parody of a slightly dim witted snake versus... a crab.

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