Tuesday, April 01, 2008

8bitNews - Episode 87.1: BBS Boards!!

NEW SHOW: 8Bit News

We've decided to target a more niche market now for our show, and have decided to go in the 8Bit console market. Tune in and listen to reviews of the greatest hardware, and this weeks exclusive review of Mayhem in Monsterland. MikeJ jumps in with me, and gives his opinion as well. We also answer a pen pal mail from a "uniquely named" charecter as well.

You can have a listen using the player here:

If you'd like, you can download this show straight away (16:44, 15.1mb), by clicking
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Alternatively, Mail us eleven (11) 3.5 Floppy disks to our office in a self addressed envelope, and we will happily compress it onto them for you. We realise how long it may take to get files, so we offer this as a server to help you listen to our show.

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Words and Links to the Internets:

Review: Mayhem in Monsterland
This game is cutting edge for the best value console out there, the Commodore 64.
No bbs address :-( just a web address

got light?

Look this link you can click on! Hyperlinks are the way of the future!

Tip of the Episode:
Connection speed and Bandwidth checker, for when you need to see how
fast your modem has connected!
No bbs point :-( just a web address for netfor2.com

Picture of the week:
No picture this week, I'm sorry :( I couldn't wait for it to download.

Again, we are trying email instead of pen pal mail, and that email address is austechnews@gmail.com . We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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