Sunday, May 13, 2007

ausTech news - Episode 48: SOUL CALIBUR

Episode 48: SOUL CALIBUR

On this show I take the time to have a chat with CharlieBrown, ad fan of the show that has a lot of neat information to share, as well as the usual tech news this week that you've come to expect.

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Soul Calibur Legends Coming to the Wii - info

Scientists double the capacity of rechargeable lithium batteries - info

AOL trunicates passwords? - info

Aussie uses pants to hide stolen projector - story and funny picture

13 and 15in LED MacBooks coming - more rumors

Vista vs XP for gaming - graphs and more graphs

iPods and Pacemakers Don't Mix - info

New Domain names on the way
good for them...

Link to video on engadget, WELL worth watching!

Aussie books for the lose - a good read. HA. I get it.

Video of the week:
EA Interviewed over upcoming Simpsons game
What? a simpsons game that looks like it won't suck?
Go watch on

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