Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ballarat GiG Expo - 25-26th May 2007!

Ballarat GiG coming this weekend!

Although its not confirmed, it look episode 50 might be put off officially until next week, but for a good reason, the Ballarat GiG (Get Into Games) is on!

Starting Friday in Ballarat at 10am, it will finish Saturday. You can look forward to me talking there in some shape and form, as well as being with and helping the Gamestah guys shoutcast the matches.

This includes a special guest appearance by two of the famous Immunity clan, such as Edison, and Jackal - a asian super star who has one and become number one in Singapore and Malaysia.

And you get to sit down and play a 2 versus 2 match and win prizes if you can beat them!.

As well as all this, there will be developers such as Auran to chat about games, and universities will be there showing off their latest courses. Lots to do! It is at the mining exchange, by the way

Think your up for the challenge?

More information is available here -
CPL Official statement:

Ballarat's statement about launching the event:

See you there!

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