Monday, February 18, 2008

ausTech news Episode 81: CALL OF DUTY 5

Episode 81: Call of Duty 5 Announced

In our second live show, I continue to experiment with the technology of presenting live, and bring down the big news of Red Alert 3 and Call of Duty 5 being announced. One of them looks destined to fail, one has a chance - can you guess which?

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According to networkworlds predictions, 2.2billion text messages were sent on Valentines day... Lady sues best buy 54million dollars for her $1,100usd laptop. Claiming identity theft, I'm still not sure she has a big chance. Super Smash Brothers Brawl Sells 1 million copies in tokyo in two weeks, smashing the previous record set by Wii Fit, at 7 weeks. Again overseas, a californian judge has ruled that anonymous trollers like 4chan and the like are allowed to stay anonymous, and you can't be tracked down by making trolling statements on the web. The Bluetooth SIG group are looking to piggyback Wifi, by using wifi signals on devices with it - when it needs to send larger files. Microsoft since asking yahoo to be bought out, have got angry and are now directly going to ask their stakeholders to "sell out". Team fortress 2 has an update available, the biggest change being a new map called Badlands (a vertically based map which should be interesting). Lastly, On the phones front, a Nokia N96 overseas has been announced. Look forward to a 2.8inch screen, More leds for the flash (but still not xenon), and massive 16gig inbuilt memory. Doesn't have that wow factor though... Oh well, My Nokia n93 is still barely hanging on, I can wait. From experience, this means you will see this in the latter half of the year in aussieland.

The PhysX buyout by nvidia has some news - 8xxx Series will be getting phsyx software for their cards - source

The HD-DVD war looks over! - source

Intel Ships first Phase Change Memory chips - source

Red Alert 3 Announced - source

Call of Duty 5 Confirmed for the Wii and DS - source

More Grand Theft Auto IV Media released - source

Microsoft plans to deploy friendly worms - source

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