Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ausTech news Episode 82: VIRAL GAMING

Episode 82: Viral Gaming

On our third live show, I push the envelope further, having multiple guests in, and even talk to Adam live, a gameOP on Gamearena about a interesting area that he is pursuing.

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Fatality Camp: $3500 to get good at Unreal Tournament 3

Spore - viral gaming?
Tip of the week:
Have you heard of quicksilver for the Mac?
It lets you launch programs by typing a few letters, and is much faster than the start menu.
Here is a light (runs ultra quick) version that is for windows!

Pandora alternative
Although pandora is great, its also locked to anyone outside of the U.S.
Here is a version that will work in australia, and lets you type in an
artist you like, and it will play songs from them, and similar! great for
background listening, with no ads or annoying talkovers.

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