Tuesday, June 03, 2008

ausTech news Episode 94: COD MAPS A COMIN!

Episode 94: CoD4 Maps a comin!

Yes you heard that right - Call of Duty 4 and Infinity Ward are on the verge of releasing the mappack. Find out more in this episode and join in the wait!

Also inside are a variety of videos this week, from a retrospective on a popular game coming up, as well as touching on how I was briefly in the Gamearena Weekly Streettalk (May 23rd!).

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Wii fit calls teen girl fat
nexus404.com - source

Asus design team PEGA brings the goods
designboom.com - source

COD four Map pack
iamfourzerotwo.com - source

Dlink brings out coax to ethernet networking
dailytech.com - source

Next gen nvidia specs
dailytech.com - source

Windows 7 Revealed
gizmodo.com - source

What have EA done?
gamearena.com.au - videos section trailer for er, Gina Carino

Tip of the week:
An AJAX (Read: Fast and no download needed) IRC Client, perfect for getting on an
Internet Relay Chat-room, such as gamestahs! at irc.gamesurge.net , channel #gamestah

Video of the week:
Metal Gear Solid Retrospective (Part 1)
Hosted by Gametrailers.com, this special talks about the history of the Metal Gear Solid
series, catching up people with how the original NES version was! Nostalgia, but also
to get you ready for Metal Gear Solid 4 coming out next week!
Go watch on gametrailers.com (streaming)

House keeping from last week - I was on Gamearena Video!
gamearena video link
As part of the Get Into Games expo, I was shoutcasting there. There were some close up shots of me, but it looks like they got weeded out, so I am only in some short clips. At 1:34, and 2:00 in, Where I am underneath a projector - whee, thats me! So go have a laugh.

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