Thursday, June 12, 2008

ausTech news Episode 95: AUSSIE IPHONE

Episode 95: aussie iPhone

I don't think I could call it a tech show without mention of the iPhone, so there it is. Before I take a short break while moving house, I cover the newest tech goss, as well as impressions on the CoD4 Map pack and tips to give you a one up on your online buddies!

This show will be off the air for two weeks - while I move in to a new house! time to get packing!

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Jack Thompson earns disbarment - source

Apple iPhone 3G - product information

Duke Nukem Forever footage out - lulwut? - source and video

Age of Conan mammaries - source

CoD4 Map pack Impressions
Well, the map pack for 1.6 Has been out for a week now - I give some impressions of it, and for the price (free!) they are excellent value and will add a lot of life to the game. Listen in to the episode for more information!

NZXT Khaos case - source

Asus brings out a eeeTv, eeeMonitor - source

Aussie books for the lose - a good read. HA. I get it.

Video of the week:
Ultimate gaming machine
In 1998, this was the best PC you could buy.. have a look and laugh.
Pa-ting! (Go watch on youtube)

Video of the week #2:
Raytracing in modern games
A bit technical, but shows off the future of games, where raytracing
is used in a realtime rendering engine.
pcghx - streaming link

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Wish me luck, and I hope to have working internet in two weeks, and be in a new house!

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