Thursday, July 24, 2008

ausTech news Episode 96: WELCOME BACK BABY!


So this week, you can look forward to a nice return! Great to be back, and I'll talk about the things that I've been up to. There has been a lot!

A cracker of a tip to make looking at videos and pictures more fun in your browser, and a video that.... may just be weird enough to make you laugh.

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Firefox 3 Rockzors the download record - 8million! - source

Commodore 64 Lan
I'm not kidding - source

Virtual drivers to take on real racers - source

E3 Goss
I talk about what went down at E3 - includign things like Nintendos update to the Wii controller, Go d of War 3, and other things..

ESA Stats on gamers - source

Unreal Tournament 3 six months on

Hardware Goss
Whats interesting this week? Well, I've been eyeing graphics cards, and on this part, I talk about what I see as interesting..

China Introduces Game Fatigue System - story

Aussie books for the lose - a good read. HA. I get it.

Tip of the week:
Online Video Editor
Called eyespot, those with a decent upload speed will have a lot of fun with this tool.
It will let you edit your home movie or captured game footage, and cut it up, put titles in etc.
I chose this one over the others, because it lets you do more normal transitions, like Crossfade.

Tip of the week #2:
Pic lens
Now this is a mega tool - You start up your webbrowser , point to google or youtube..
Press the button, and bam! A 3D representation of that search pops up. You can scroll through
thousands of results, it looks amazing... - 8 meg download

Video of the week
Who wants some? I'll tell you who does - duke does. Watch this trailer
from Duke 3D, and you'll come out knowing about as much as me about this
upcoming "trilogy"
Duke nukem Trilogy - gametrailers

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