Sunday, August 03, 2008

ausTech news Episode 97: NOT AN EXPANSION!


Google look to be launching ads on video games - look out! Also, Crysis Warhead peeks, and a lot of videos and tips this week!

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Samsung unveils mini projector - source

Lolcats to steal your identity - source

Crysis warhead: ITS NOT A EXPANSION ALRIGHT? - source

Google brings Ads into Video Games - nooooo!

The Video game crash of 1983 - source

A new section I'm trialling, as I see small note pieces worth talking about briefly, I put them in here, instead of just glossing over in the short stories.

Nokia phone goss: The nokia 5800 tube has more information. This phone is nokia's response to the iphone. It is going to use the symbian operating system which means nice free applications, but that looks like it won't mean much now - the interface has not been updated enough to take advantage of the touch platform.

Apple goss: more rumors stirring around of a ipod nano update, the current one is that it will be taller. Also rumors of a touchpad

Hardware goss: ATI 4850 Non reference graphic cards are starting to come in to australia, with more designs pictured:

The Asus 1gig Edition will apparantly (via secretnet) come out on the 1st of august here, followed by the very nice looking HIS branded one which also has dual slot cooling. In the next three months it's been strongly predicted that the Nvidia GTX 260 will have a update to be on a 45nm process, with the intention of it to make it smaller, cheaper, and run cooler. Just a thought for those still umming and arring about buying one of the current generation ones.

The OCZ nia or known by people hiding under a rock as the "brainmouse" appears to be turning into vaporware, with its release in australia being delayed yet again by two weeks. 14th August is their new launch date in to australia - but I'm not holding my breath.

The 901 Black EEEpc is available on Pc Case gear for $625 - not a bad price! This is the 6 cell version too, which now puts it ahead of the MSI Wind depending on if you prefer Solid state storage, or the MSI Wind's hard drive. Also on Pccasgear, the EEEbox has turned up on our shores early! This almost deserves a bit of a discussion itself.


  • Atom 1.6ghz Diamondville cpu
  • 1 gig of ram
  • 80gig HDD
  • Windows Home
  • DVI output, 4 usbports, cardreaders (no cd drive)
  • Wireless-n, ethernet

Cost: $419 on PcCaseGear

You are paying a bit for the form factor, but your getting an eeepc essentially without the screen, and slightly bumped up specs.

Video of the week #1:
Wii motion updates - light saber action!
One of the developers talks about the features of the upcoming Wii Motion Tech.
It looks perfect for lightsaber and sword action. Drool.
Go watch on youtube

Video of the week #2:
Watchmen - official trailer
Not knowing anything about this movie until this trailer, I was
suprised to find out it is based on one of the only comic books to receive a hugo award in
time magazine - this is a big movie release to come.
Go watch on youtube

Tip of the Week 1:


Made by Premiumsoft, this is a web-geeks dream come true - it brings sql and search based languages into a realm of easy and gives you enough control to keep your websites under control as they get larger. I loved the use of being able to backup a database (these are used to store all a persons posts on a forum, or photo information on a gallery), and sync it with a local copy. This makes it ideal for keeping a backup that YOU can restore, easily.

It has code completion, which means when you start typing, it can suggest terms to speed up your typing. No need to spend minutes googling around to find that obscure SQL command!

It isn't freeware, but it does have a lite version which works for free. You can read about the features more here

Lastly, This is a much better way to jump in and learn SQL compared to the trial and error way. The console is always there, blinking away to dive in to, but I found for the most part, it was just as fast to click through just as if I was using a normal windows app - its a refreshing way to combine SQL with the Web.

Navicats website

Tip of the week #2

Combat Arms - Free game!
Still reading? why? I shouldn't need to point out why this is a good thing. Roots in Counterstrike, with varied game modes, newbie friendly gameplay, and lag resistant code makes this an excellent lan and online based game. Whats not to like? Oh, the client download is only approx 450 Meg as well. - more information
And as a bonus: The very funny promotional movie

If you listened to the end, You might be wondering about what it was that happened...

Hopefully that explains all, give it a look!

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