Sunday, September 14, 2008

ausTech news Episode 99.5: NANO-CHROME-ATIC!

Episode 99.5: Nano-chrome-atic!

On this weeks show I go indepth about why Google Chrome isn't just a rip off browser, but a innovative browser that really has a market for people. Funny terms and conditions in those EULA's and T&C's you ignore, as well as Quake live information. Oh, and sony messed up again - suprise!
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Gamestealing passwords on the space station! - source

A cool video game wedding - source photos and geekery

The Gamers bill of rights - source

Google Chrome: Why its a good idea
I talk about what makes Google chrome good, and see what future it has.

Quake live details - Full story

Sony recalls 73,000 laptops to burn worry - source

Quake live details - source

Other tidbits:

Amd have a leaked road map, showing nothing drastic on the horizon

Tip(s!) of the week:
A youtube alternative
A higher quality version of youtube, with the added bonus of being able to download the source material - a good other way to give people an option to be able to keep your movie, in an age where people can't be bothered to use a direct download link alone

Webcam enhancer
No, its not dodgy, its just a overlay that can be used to place things such as live data and scrolling rss feeds in a webcam or live video feed - clever!

Video of the week:
Microsoft's Vista campaign - oh my
Part of the mega big 300 million dollar campaign, the results have been...
interesting. Awkward and geeky in this second video.
Go watch on youtube

Video of the week:
Left for dead short film
Made as a year 11 media project, this is inspiration for anyone studying
that some well made material can come out. Nice channel 10 support!
Go watch on youtube

Video of the week:

Large hadron collider rap
Find out about what the often talked about LHC machine is in this funny
as well as informative video!

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