Thursday, August 28, 2008

ausTech news Episode 99: GADGETITIS

Episode 99: GADGETITIS

This week we talk about the ongoing learning process I am going through for the OCZ NIA, as well as the two new console updates that Sony have bought out for their new consoles. Good news for those waiting for more value from their HAL inspired device!
I also talk a lot about upcoming phone hardware - no, not the iPhone, real devices such as the nokia n96, and phones beyond.

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Sony unveils updated PSP - 3000 console -source

OCZ NIA - my thoughts!
Video coming soon

Microsofts blue track mouse

A lot this week, so starting off:
Mirrors Edge, Heavy Rain, Prince of persia, Wipeout HD, all excellent trailers.

Killzone 2

Video of the week:
Pure Pwnage- Episodes 17 and 18!
I'll link to the main website. Follow through and watch, excellent laughs!
Go watch on their site

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