Tuesday, May 23, 2006

AusTech news - episode 5: Headphones

Episode 5: Headphones

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note - I'm not sure if this episode plays too fast? will check soon..

- Brett's Battlefield 2 community video
(click to download is on the bottom right)

- Macbook is unveiled
- Shaveeverywhere.com
- E3 Wrapup
- Playstation 3 conspiracy!?
- We both talk about sound and headphones
- The World’s First Hard Drive

This weeks tip - transform your desktop into Windows Vista!
if your running windows xp and would like most of the niceness that is windows Vista, check this link out:
Link on cybertechnews.com
It has screenshots and a file you can download to make your xp have that sexy vista look.

Don't forget thea email address at austechnews@gmail.com email address , We havn't had any yet and would like to read some on the air! Come on - give it a go :P

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