Saturday, November 11, 2006

ausTech news - Episode 27: Pure Pwnage finale

Episode 27: Pure Pwnage finale

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We cover:

Dead or Alive Creator Sued for Sexual Harassment
"Trogdor" is a confirmed track in guitar heroes 2 (game due out 15th nov)
Minor glitch almost stuffs up Nvidia 8800gtx release date
Flickr files a patent for "interestingness"

And talk in depth about the following:

- Season finale of PurePwnage is out! - go download the shows for free

- MS Office pricing announced in Australia

I can feel the sting!

- It’s Official: MS Office 2007 goes gold, Vista next!

businesses can look forward to both on November 30th

- eGames expo to be a great gaming conference and...

Interview with Peter Barlow:

I interview Peter Barlow of cyberactive media,
and find a heap of information about this event. I know I'll be going to it - will you?

- New iPod shuffle has a potentially big flaw!

Bend it, stretch it...

Nokia n93 review

The podcast has a sample of the video review of the new to australia nokia n93.
The full clip is available here!
7:40, 40.4meg, in XVID format.
Be sure to save the file by right clicking and save target as/save link as ....
Its not a streaming file, and will frustrate you while it tries too.

- 60 million pixels for $100K

Great party trick.

This weeks tip:

Monitor your web addiction in Firefox (Page Addict)

Monitor your web addiction with PageAddict, a Firefox extension that gives you a summary of how much time you've spent visiting different sites.

Video of the week:

Two videos, both themed about reckless driving

Speed bump in dubai
Road blocks aren't for dumb drivers

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