Friday, December 01, 2006

ausTech news - Episode 30: reeltime

Episode 30: reeltime

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GameStop employees allegedly fake PS3 theft

Microsoft Windows Comes Of Age - Happy 21st Birthday!
congratulations to microsoft

ReelTime to offer permanent movie downloads
See for yourself

The Truth About Digital Cameras
time to prove things once and for all

Zune "is a Complete, Humiliating Failure."
Consumerist, anyone?

Nokia PR stunt backfires
Go nokia!

Star Wars Kid video heads for the dark side
Stats malarky

2005 ps3 vs actual released ps3 pics
See how the console has been changed to meet its launch

This weeks tip:
Practice guitar hero goodness on your pc!

Even features the mighty tenacious D..

Video of the week:
Steve, are you with me?
Ever wonder what it is like to do sharp high G turns in a fighter? Well lets watch Steve. They are doing around 6-8 Gs.

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