Friday, December 29, 2006

ausTech news - Episode 33: XMAS-LATENESS


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Photoshop CS3 Beta - and its new features
Go the betazor! - some nice new tools..

2006 Products Of The Year
Listen to see as we realise this is just for hosting devices - haha

Azureus Partners with the BBC to Sell TV Shows
Woot, more movies

Nintendo Wii offering free replacement straps
A bit blown up, but at leasty ol' ninty responded

News at Seven - automatically, and with HL2 engine
Is it really automatic though?

This weeks tip:
Can't believe we havn't mentioned this earlier. Deviantart is a large collection of artists showing off their work. This includes skins for popular programs, and desktop backgrounds. Give it a look, or put your own work up there!

Video of the week:
Wii-mote controlled remote car
Vroom vroom!

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Have a good Christmas!

ho ho ho

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