Saturday, January 13, 2007

Battlefield 2142 - likely to have a booster pack soon!

Well, This was too big to sit on, so I've let all the good sites know, and If I find any more information I will post it here. Remember, I found this myself, and I'm pretty hyped about it. Probably the biggest news I'll find in the near future if it proves true!

For now, here is the original post I put out there...

A lot of people have noticed that there is a lot of bf2142 new stuff on locked servers etc.... Things like a new game mode, a new map etc.

My theory is that its not going to be a patch. Its going to be a booster pack thats going to come out soon.


(click for full size if its not readable)

Look in the list of products to Register. Bf2142 is by itself. Then, whats this Bf2142 BP1? Booster pack one?

This also does imply that if its true, the booster pack will be something you have to pay and then register for. With maybe a simultaneous on shelf and ea downloader release.

- Found this while being forced to register my bf2 booster pack from the store shelves.

Check for yourself at
EA's account site

My views on it? EA should not be thinking about charging for anything in a long run. The Battlefield 2 is still buggy, Battlefield 2142 is even more buggy. Infact, Its followed the same pattern as Battlefield 2's patch releases almost - where some patches make the game much worse.


*edit1* This is on top of previous evidence of seeing servers with a higher version locked, and seeing billboards that vaguely hint at new vehicles.

Goliath unit?

Hover jeeps?

Ground based titan?

New map?

Of course, those are billboard ads, but we don't see anything like that in australia - the billboards are inactive for us (a good thing)

-- Next podcast is due early thursday, 18th January

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