Friday, January 05, 2007

ausTech news - Episode 34: CLOGGED TUBES


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Dutch Ban Segways From Public Roads
Aww, but they look so cool!

Prisoners to get email access
uhhh.... anyone?

Ultra Announces 2000 Watt Power Supply for Desktop PC's

Uh, thats powerful?

Internet Services in Asia May Take 2 Weeks to Return
Due to the earthquake. Big stuff!

Brett: Review of the Wii so far
no link, just an ausTech news thing!

Brett: interview clip from the Battlefield 2 Finals video
With the release of the Deluxe version with better video and audio effects, This video has become the most popular australian video out there. I'm impressed!

So besides to get the video itself in its full quality, dual audio good ness at:

I am going to publicly announce a streaming link for it too. This is at gametrailers. Huzzah!

This weeks tip:
This place is a great way to explain all the injuries you get - we're not just talking RSI here neither, if you play sports, this shows you what to do, how long it will take to get better.
Video of the week:
Tony VS Paul
an excellent stop animation film that would be rude
to spoil in saying further. I will say it is laugh out loud funny,
and an amazing achievement
Youtube link

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