Monday, April 30, 2007

ausTech news - Episode 46: X-SERIES

Episode 46: X-SERIES

With Shaun back, we talk about his plans for a phone, Starcraft 2 rumors, The state of broadband in australia, and which was the best GTA game. Phew!

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Starcraft 2 is rumoured to be announced at upcoming Gaming fest original article - more info

the first exploit that works on the Apple and PC?

Microsoft is to add instant messaging to the Xbox 360 - story

AMD Reports heavy losses - story

A solar powered wii:
at the rather appropriate

Internode launches its nodephone 2

source from

Broadband adoption in australia is falling back
another link

Main stories:

Phone plans in australia - double u tee-f?
Shauns to-be-phone, the E65

GTA: which was the best? - cool comparison between the GTA's

Tip of the week:

20 questions just got smarter - it gets a little smarter with each game played,
and its just hit 50 million games since april 16!

Video of the week:


A video game movie thats purely action, almost entirely a fight scene. Features
the Halo chief and metroid fighting with some damn good moments.

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Katy G. B. said...


i love your podcasts. thank you so much. yeah hi from the states... i'm sorry i really... we all aren't jankie bastards. but yeah anyways i love the podcast. way to go.

no worries but now i have a lil rant. i've just found your podcast &i'm pseudo catching. and @the end of this cast you called Samus Aran(from Metroid): "that metroid guy"... come on :P. Samus was like my heroine growing. She's a women!!! yeah, cool suite &all. The coolest bounty hunter in the game world is a girl. i think its kinda important to recognize that... not like we have a lot of girls in games. its like almost even a taboo to be a geek chick.

take care &killer podcast, keep it up :)