Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Coming soon - Episode 45, and your invited to come in!

Hey guys, a bit of a change for this upcoming episode.

Shaun is likely to not make it for the episode, so I am calling out for anyone with a interest in tech and would like a bit of a laugh to come on and either be a guest on the show, or sit (err, chat/listen) in on a episode with me!

I plan to skypecast the actual episode while I record it live, although the edited version will still be a few days after the event.

All you need is skype, a microphone, and the ability for us to be on at the same time - fairly easy!

I look to be online on Skype after 7pm, Melbourne time (+10 GMT), so if you are interested then send an email to us at !

Anyone is welcome, so don't be shy and it'll be a great time.

Test to pre skypecast chat:
Is right here

ausTech news Episode 45 hosted by super_roach.

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