Wednesday, July 04, 2007

ausTech news - Episode 54: iPhone SchmiPhone

Episode 54: iPhone schmiPhone

In the midst of the iPhone rocking the world, I make sense with everything else going on in the gaming and tech world.

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Steve jobs gives an iPhone away to every employee - source

America to decide on taxing virtual items - source

Wii outsells ps3 6 to 1 - moneeh

Supreme Commander expansion announced - source

"Laughing bullets" considered by Pentagon - source

Tip of the Week:
Well we have two websites this week, both serve the same purpose - cool stuff that changes daily that you can buy. and
I've been checking them madly. Things like hifis that play divx files for $60, Wireless headphones for $20.... lots of things that just beg for you to go gimme.

Video of the week:
GTA IV: looking for that Special someone
Although only a minute long again, this shows a lot more meat to it. All ingame, to a kicking music track. I recommend you download it rather than stream..
Go watch on youtube
Downloadable versions

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