Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ausTech news - Episode 57: INTEL PRICE DROP


My health got in the way of getting this episode here on time - but hey a day late is better than nothing!

I talk in brief about intels price drops that occured, Crazy laptop prices, as well as wiikeys.

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Gang kidnaps gamer to get his password! - Info

DDR 3 is ready but not quite - source

Hotmail fails to deliver up to 81 percent of all attachment emails - rather dodgy source

Vista delayed - Full story

Nintendo going like hotcakes - Full story

Hitachi Deathstar 1 Terrabyte - Full story

China Introduces Game Fatigue System - story

Aussie books for the lose - a good read. HA. I get it.

Video of the week:
Pure Pwnage Episode 14
Big release this week, another Pure Pwnage episode. Streaming link is available, as well as a recommended full size download (220ish meg)

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