Saturday, September 08, 2007

ausTech news - Episode 63: FATTY IPOD

Episode 63: FATTY IPOD

On this weeks show, I cover the new apple iPods; how good are they and what they mean to you - whether your buying one or not.
New demos are around the corner and they get a lookin too!

(apologies for the wrong original listing ;) )
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Apple launch live
But really, the juice is at too.

Pong was originally going to have a round ball!
youtube video link

Xbox gets 20,000 of the wrong Wrong power cords - discussion

QuakeWars Demo coming out 10th September (this monday!)

As well as this, I cover some Asus EEE updates, talk about the kinds of iPod users there are, and that I want a laptop (donations accepted!)

Tip(s!) of the week:
Free ubisoft games (ad-supported though) :( available here
Free command and Conquer 1 (thanks Charliebrown)

Video of the week:
Clocks (coldplay) on mario paint
Have a smile and watch old games playing new songs
Go watch on youtube

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