Saturday, September 22, 2007

ausTech news - Episode 65: SWAP MEETS BEGONE


This week on the show we find out that the popular computer swap meets in Australia have been closed, after over 16 years of tradition. We look into why and what this means for us, and if it will effect people shopping for computer parts.

Also on this weeks show:
Rich gaming kids
Playstation rumbles
new Aussie net laws

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Wii is confirmed ahead of all consoles - source

12 Year old Starts gaming company, gets 6.5 million -source

USB 3 to be in 2008 - source

Photoshop -free web version - source

Sony's DualShock 3 is finally official: PS3 gets rumble - source

New aussie cyber-crime law - source

Tip of the week:
Final Fantasy 7 Album for free
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Video of the week:
If business meetings were like internet forums
First!.... The title sums it up, but its a business meeting,
with a internet forum mentality. Very Funny. link - streaming

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