Friday, September 28, 2007

ausTech news - Episode 66: G9 Review

Episode 66: G9 Review

Among Quake wars coming out, and world in conflict rising up in popularity, there is a little thing called Halo 3 coming out. Oh, and in between that, I give a massive review of the logitech G9 Mouse. So, if your wanting to find more about that mouse, here is the first podcast review of one - and its in australia, bonus!

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Boy Survives two hour plane flight, holding on to the plane wing - source

OLPC : give one, get one free - source

Halo 3 Breaks Records on release - source

Jack Thompsons son now playing Halo 3 - source

DVD Recorders gone legal - source

G9 Review

Made for ausTech news, I take a comprehensive look at the mouse, covering the look of this crazy mouse, including:

  • its look
  • Colour changing LED's
  • Buttons
  • Setpoint software (actually worth using!)
  • And the very cool profile button and microgears feature

secret link: this is sparta - emo edition

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Sparta Remix
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