Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ausTech news - Episode 75: BITS AND PIECES

Episode 75: Bits and Pieces

This week I am a bit baffled that someone gushes about World of Warcraft being able to save their life, but get my feet back on the ground when I discover a video of the vaporware Optimus Keyboard - quite a sight!

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Boy Survives real life attack using MMO skills
wired.com - source

Pirate bay goes open source
digg.com - info

First video of the Optimus Maximus Keyboard!
gizmodo.com - source

No more open wifi?
techdirt.com - source

Facebook tells everyone what you like
techcrunch.com - source

Asus says: go ahead and upgrade your eee!

eeuser.com - source

Linux is going to take over the low end pcs
digg.com - source

Tip of the week:
Hidden installer program helper on your pc
Did you know Windows XP has a piece of software, that helps you package up
a bunch of your stuff to make it easy for someone else to install, called iexpress?
pcmechanic for the rescue

Video of the week:
24 hour pizza delivery
What if Jack beur, delivered pizza?
Go watch on youtube

Another Video of the week:
Speed Racer
Cheesey, nostalgic (not), and by the Matrix guys. I'm a bit unsettled.
Go watch on youtube

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