Friday, December 21, 2007

ausTech news - Episode 76: DUKE NUK-WHA?

Episode 76: Duke Nuk-WHA?

With wOOt now being titled the word of the Year by the us dictionary, you know that this year has been a boon of a year, with gamers having something regardless of what they like playing available for them - even rare fruit like team fortress 2, and gems like Call of Duty 4!

On the show itself, I was shocked to cover a real piece of Duke Nukem forever info, and many other companies were festive, with ATI giving away free stuff, As were microsoft (with a catch). As a bonus, I have a chat with Charlie brown on Asus EEE tips and resources, and comment on the results of the Google Zeitgeist search results for this year (hint: Hi5 is now the most popular growing music group in the world!)

Christmas time is here, and I wish you all a merry christmas, presents for your family (and yourself!) and the usual joy that you should be getting pumped over.

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Flirting robots pass human test - source

Microsoft giving away Vista ultimate - with a catch - source

ATI is to give away more steam content for free - source

Command and Conquer FPS announced - source

Nintendo Wii gets gifty - source

Next jackass movie coming to the internet - source

No new highend ATI Graphics cards in 2008? - source

Video of the week:
Duke Nukem Forever teaser
I'm not kidding... its 50 seconds of joy
Go watch on

Another Video of the week:
A podsafe christmas song, by Jonathan Coulton
Youtube. Love it. This is a very catchy, chipmunky song tune
Go watch on

Yet Another Video of the week:
New Batman trailer
Moody, actiony
Go watch on their site

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