Tuesday, December 04, 2007

ausTech news - Episode 74: TRASH TALKING REVIEWS

Episode 74: Trash talking reviews

The video and technology industry are definately not in the christmas spirit, with backlashes, choice words, and a lot of general monkeying around is happening.

With Jeff Gerstman getting fired for alledgedly writing a bad review on gamespot, does this mean the end of game reviews which are honestly worth reading? and what about one of the largest gaming mergers happening in history to break up a dreary sunday news day?

That still not enough? Well, the Asus EEE pc's finally made it out into at least Myer in small quantities, just like the One Laptop Per Child project having its first successful deployments in third world countries. Phew!

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Microsoft Santa robot starts swearing and getting jiggy with it
theregister.co.uk - source

Activision and Blizzard to merge
kotaku.com - now this is a suprise announcement!

AMD gets annoyed at intel
itwire.com - source story

Microsoft sued 140million for multiple passwords
techdirt.com - source

Microsoft Trash talks Firefox
dailytech.com - source

Write a bad review? get fired
primotechnology.com - Jeff Gerstman, you will return.

Secret Mailing list clouds Wikipedia
slashdot.org - source

The OLPC project
cbsnews.com - source

Myths in gaming
gamepro.com - source

Tip of the week:
Warzone 2100 for Free!
That's right, a Real Time Strategy which was made open source in 2004, has been
updated to better run on newer computers (openGL support),
as well as be a good game in its own right.
Highlights include customizing your units heavily, and a futuristic dead world type setting,
This is almost a steal at under 16megabytes.
More information, and downloads available at http://wz2100.net

Video of the week:
B*stard boyfriend breakup
With lines like this, who needs girlfriends
Go watch on youtube (ok, that tag line sucked)

Asus EEE Tip: Enabling Advanced mode
Your bundle of joy comes with a lot of future potential. To get at most of it,
Asus have provided an "advanced mode" where you are able to change your
theme, add new applications and tweak your mini-machine.

To do this:
  1. Launch file manager (its in the work tab)
  2. Click on tools at the top, then Open Console Window
  3. type sudo bash (this lets you hack around) after each next step, press enter.
  4. type apt-get update (this updates the list of apps you can update)
  5. type apt-get install kicker , and press y and enter when it asks to install
  6. type apt-get install ksmserver , and press y and enter when it asks to install
  7. Type exit, enter to exit your sudo acces. Do this again to leave the terminal.
  8. Done! Now when you tap the power button, there is a full desktop option on the far left. Enjoy...

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