Tuesday, April 08, 2008

ausTech news Episode 88: GTA IV - Kid Edition

Episode 88: GTA IV - Kid Edition

We have a lot more people in the live show thanks to Gamestah, and cover the very real issue of GTA IV being an edited version come launch day for us. Should we be worried? Also, Creative show their true colours in attempting to smack down a author that fixed problems with their drivers.

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Creative tried to smack down a guy trying to get drivers working for vista
Creatives original smackdown
And... Daniel's Reply

Breaking news: Q3 on the Ipod touch
engadget - source

N-Gage gaming service is now live
n-gage.com - official site

X-fire oddness
x-fire.com - competition page

GTAIV Has been watered down for Australia!
joystiq.com - source

Tip of the week:
Write caching on your HDD Is disabled by default on Vista. This is because it feels that
although you may have screwed your hard disk into place in your desktop, that you might still take it out. While it's on. And While your copying a file across. As a result, it will turn write caching off, slowing down file access, especially for often used files. Re-enable it easily with this short guide.
ocmodshop.com for the win

Video of the week:
Teamfortress 2 with your girlfriend
Ever wondered how your girlfriend might take jumping in to play your favourite FPS game?
This is a funny (and real!) take on it, and I think she done well :)
Internode forums link, with Youtube inside

Video of the week #2:
Top 10 Star Wars Videos
2 For the Price of 1! (?? - me), This is a recap of the funnies that have been
happening with Star Wars. A lot have been seen before, but are still very funny.
If you want to skip to the one that made me cry from laughing,
Try video #3: Darth Vader being a smartie.
dayofthejedi.com - video list

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