Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ausTech news Episode 90: CAPTCHA GOTCHA

Episode 90: Captch-a gotcha!

As grand theft auto IV comes closer and closer to being released, a review pops up on the internet... we have a look behind it. As well as that, a bit of a special on using your Asus EEE pc to its potential, and two gaming videos that will make you laugh.

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Microsoft Surface tech seen in wild - source

GTA IV Review scanned on the net - scans

Captcha now gotcha'd
Discussion: Security wise, how can you tell if im a bot? - source - source - the kitten authentication method

Tip of the week
eeexUbuntu for your Asus eeePC
A lot of people grab their little eeePC, and the first thing they do is to try and make themselves familar, and install Windows. Well, for a screen with a low vertical resolution, making dialogs too large, I recommend a operating system that works better with it. That system is eexUbuntu.

Download it here:
You'll find it extremely easy to install, and even a hardened windows user will have plenty of fun with how easy it is to install a program or game, and take advantage of it. For example, the EEE runs Compiz very well ( youtube video showing it in action here ).

Games mentioned on the podcast:
Tremulous - link
A 3D Shooter based on Enemy Territory
To install using eeeXubuntu for your eeePC:
sudo apt-get install tremulous
(use the terminal, in Accessories)

Warzone 2100 - link
A 3D Shooter based on Enemy Territory
To install using eeeXubuntu for your eeePC:
Click on this link to download the .deb file. It will give you the option to install it :)
Once installed, these games will appear in the games menu
This game was also Tip of the week in
Episode 74 of ausTech news

Video of the week:
Meet the Scout
Valve deliver the goods with another cartoony,
funny Team Fortress 2 Charecter video.
Go watch on shacknews

Video of the week two!:
Battlefield Heroes Parody
A jab at EA's employment mixed with the recent Battlefield Heroes video.
Go watch on Planetbattlefield

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