Monday, April 14, 2008

ausTech news Episode 89: LCD SCREEN SPECIAL


Look forward to a large cast in the live room (thanks to ) tonight, and on the boiler we talk at length on what to look out for when getting a LCD Screen for your computer. Grand Theft Auto IV reveals its Multiplayer options and we talk about that as well.
And more!

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Australian police refuse to be fined for piracy, claims problem is "too widespread" - source

GTAIV's multiplayer - source

Gears of War 2 information - source

Techcrunch - or how twitter is going to rock
techcrunch - source
As well as a big discussion by the crew on this episode.

Tip of the week:
Nokia Mosh
A social application built for mobile phones. You can find a lot of freeware and useful
phone applications on here, if you'd like to beef up your phone.
And no, its not just ringtones!
nokia mosh's website

Video of the week:
Grand Theft Auto IV
GTAIV looks like it has some funny Video versions of their funny radio ads...
Check out two of them here, including one about a singles Club with guns. - streaming links

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