Friday, August 04, 2006

AusTech news - Episode 13: The move

Episode 13: The move

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- Microsoft to Charge Money for people to test their beta software
Link to article from

- Goldeneye tested on 12 year-old, fails 'timeless' test
What a punk! article link

- Loc8tor Offers New Way To Find Lost Objects
Find your way to this link... haw haw.

- Online review says HD-DVD is ahead of Blu-ray - by a nose
... And here is that review

- Moving house experience
No link, just me talking about moving and my experience so far with VOIP

- ESA to downsize E3?
Link to article from Joystiq

-Tech Replaces Diamonds As Girl's Best Friend
You can wish.

This weeks video picks - the hilarious parody site about emos
Hopeisemo, on askaninja

Crazy animated light pen gif videos.
Link to page with the two gif animations

This weeks tip (a first for a few weeks!)
Make your windows look sweet
- 11 Different things to spruce up your desktop.
Some of the things include Yahoo widgets to show you the weather or stock quotes,
New shells, desktops and transformations. Even make your desktop a 3d space you navigate like a fps!
Link to article with these gems

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