Monday, August 28, 2006

AusTech news special - Episode 16: "not for noobs"

Episode 16: "not for noobs"

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NOTE: I had the last weeks episode accidently in the links! If you missed out, be sure to download this episode, it is a cracker!


- The LCD vs Plasma TV wars
Ign's source

- Vista's Aero Glass: is it all it's cracked up to be?
Discussion about the graphical features to be in Vista

- Youtube on Goodmorning america
Shauns mighty opinion

- MacBook Pro Logic boards have a quiet hardware update
Specs are in here!

- "not for noobs" - a new Microsoft mouse released - I'm serious!

- Secrets of the Pirate bay
Link to article

- Fear review

A exclusive review by Brett James, at 39:42 into the Show.

Have a listen, and jump into a free game that is designed for multiplayer!

- Weird Al Yankovic Says 'Don't Download This Song'
Slashdot link

- Retro 80's games made with stopmotion in the kitchen
Direct link to the quicktime video

This weeks video picks
Great sounding acoustic version of Out-kast's "Hey-ya"
Link to Digg

Kid earns bragging points by showing his "elite" skills in Jeopardy
1337 Jeopardy

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