Friday, August 18, 2006

AusTech news - Episode 15: iPod = Terrorist?

Episode 15: iPod = terrorist?

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- PSP Price cut may be imminent
Ign's source

- Russian scientists keep a dogs chopped off head alive! Yes, only the head!
You have to watch this to believe it (from 5:40!)

- Apple links to artist, then shuts down his .mac page due to bandwidth!
Digg page about this

- Holy cow, a router that kicks butt
Specs are in here!

- The IBM PC Celebrates its 25th Birthday
Source from Neowin

- Amazing photos of china
Time to book a flight!

- Big terrorist stuff means no ipods or good stuff on planes!
Maybe cancel that china flight..

- How To see the new google video interface
Techcrunch roundup

- Battlefield 2 1.4 Update is to be released (finally!) on August 15th
Patch article

STOP PRESS - The bf2 update got delayed. Big suprise there.

This weeks video picks
Coca cola do a weird gta ad
Link on youtube

umm... Merry-go-wrong?
Google video link

This weeks tip for live tech support
Fantastic user based help service. You ask a question, and instead of finding an article, you get referred to someone to chat to in real time and get the help you need. Its free!
Have a try, its free and easy (so wrong, so so wrong...)

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