Thursday, August 10, 2006

AusTech news - Episode 14: The WW .. tf lol?

Episode 14: The WW .. tf lol?

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- Simple Key Mod Makes Most All Current Locks Obsolete
Digg down to the source

- Google signs $900m Newscorp deal
Link to bbc article

- Telstra scraps plans for broadband network upgrade
Source from Austech

- Fear's multiplayer section to be made free!
Major news, be up with it here!

- 20x DVD burners are coming soon from Liteon
Engadget with the scoop

- The Steam users survey results

- Japans Xbox sales "go through the roof"
Have a laugh here

- Steve Jobs WWDC 2006 Summary
Link to full keynote summary

This weeks tip / video
Show off this easy to do, amazing card trick which will make you look like some kind of god among your poker friends. Failing that, put on a magic show for your Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Dog!
Watch the video then learn the trick!

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