Thursday, October 05, 2006

AusTech news - Episode 22: Sony still sucks

Episode 22: Sony still sucks

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- The Battle Over YouTube
Warner brothers says: war!

- Another sony stuff-up: 2001 inspired kiosks
This thing is mammoth!

- 10 Ways to stop DRM from spreading
Stop drm from infecting everything..

- 10 Youtube videos that will make you want a Wii
Great for proving the Wii rocks

- Uber leet place to replace
Link to's hosting page

- OLPC invites hackers to test, break 2B1's security systems
Thats One Laptop Per Child, by the way

- My snowball microphone eBay scam
Where my personal eBay scammers hell begun

- Wal-Mart to use infrared to track shoppers
Bzzzt: we're watching!

- Google hits its 8th anniversary

This weeks video picks
Mega64 - a bunch of guys who re-enact video games in real life!

This weeks tip:
A great program that makes setting up LAN's just that little bit easier - this program lets two people appear as a normal windows network, with its shares and everything accessable, even if the other person is on the other side of the world. Can also be used to connect multiple computer groups together for a great big national LAN!
Link to hamachi's site

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