Saturday, October 28, 2006

ausTech news - Episode 25: IE7 Launch

Episode 25: IE7 Launch

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- New Apple macbookpro slipped in
Here is apples swank site as well as the pricing for the original and new Macbook Pros

- IE7 Launch
Do you dare visit microsoft's site?

- Sony thinks the Xbox 360 costs $925aud to match the ps3!
More sony shafting. And yeah, they stuffed up again

- Interview

A interview with the current top H*EA*T battlefield 2142 player, Nemisis_ace.

We talk about the game itself, and if its worth buying. On top of that, the future of Gamearena's ladder with the game too! A great listen for both pro and casual gamers.

- The 20 worst video games of all time
Hilarious reading

- 5 Reasons why games based on movies suck
Point by point!

This weeks tip:
This program is a lightweight and freeware version of Photoshop. It is extremely fast and has layers - give it a go!

Video of the week:
Ben takes a photo of himself everyday
A parody of all those "guy takes a photo for X years" - funny, and has a story too!
Link to the youtube video

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