Friday, October 20, 2006

AusTech news - Episode 24: iJoke 7

Episode 24: iJoke 7

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- Firefox 2.0 about to ship - here’s what’s happening
a list of the things Firefox 2 will bring to the table (techcrunch)

- MySpace Makes Subtle Shifts to Emphasize Video
.. featuring their evil efforts against youtube (techcrunch)

- MySpace predator caught by code
how 1,000 lines of code caught a online predator

- Laser TV unveiled
Come on, admit it - its more practical than sharks with them.

- 20 Things the average person may not know about XP
Dive on in and see if theres any you've missed!

- Generate an essay on anything
Link to the generator

- Exetel to shape Bittorrent downloads
I feel sorry for anyone on Exetel now.

- The NEW Sony BRAVIA ad is online!!
Link to the front page of their site, which has the ad

- Your Favorite RSS Readers
Link to article

- Debate: does iTunes 7 suck?
w/ Shaun and Brett

- The NEW Sony BRAVIA ad is online!!
Link to the front page of their site, which has the ad

This weeks tip:
VideoDownloader Firefox Extension!
Download and save videos directly from Youtube, Google, Metacafe, Music and more. Its only a 20kb add-on, and is in the bottom right of your firefox window. It's very handy!

Video of the week:
A quality documentary about hacking from the 1960s to date. Takes a historical approach, looking at the role of the hacker during this time.

Flat sinks, waterfall shower heads? Yep, and its by an australian designer.
Link to the video

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