Saturday, October 14, 2006

AusTech news - Episode 23: Googletube

Episode 23: Googletube

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- Google Has Acquired YouTube
someone's rich..

- The Rarest, Most Valuable, and Desirable Video Games Ever
It's like kryptonite, only it plugs in to a console and isn't deadly!

- Confirmed Games that use DirectX10 - get ready to upgrade!
Stop drm from infecting everything..

- Red iPod Nano now shipping
..And its for a good cause too

- EA says yes to ingame Ads
First the story... then pictures of where the billboards are

- 13 Photo Sizes Compared - Megapixel Chart explains the Megapixel Myth
A good chart is in here

- vista Rc2 is out - launch is getting closer
not long left now.

- Brett's N93 experience
Homebrewed by myself ;)

This weeks video picks
"Eat like a snake" Seeing as the videos so short, that description will do
Youtube link yet again..

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Well, time to start celebrating my birthday!

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