Saturday, March 31, 2007

ausTech news - Episode 42: PS3 Launch

Episode 42: PS3 Launch
Another week, another podcast - we cover the PS3 Launch, as well as Adobes CS3 Suite. A lot of laughter for this 'cast!

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New version of the xbox 360 is coming - xbox 360 elite


File sharing is harmful for Children and national security says US!

Wife googles how to commit murder - then kills her husband!

Phonogram to brainwash addiction out of Korean gamers?


Grand Theft Auto IV trailer about to come out!

UPDATE: The trailer is now out!

Direct links to download the Trailer:

Youtube version:

IBM Doubles CPU Cooling With Simple Change

New Line Grabs Gears Movie Rights
Variety is reporting that New Line Cinema snagged the feature rights to Gears of War and that Stuart Beattie will be writing the script with Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey producing.

Main Stories

First impressions of Adobe photoshop CS3

Three launches X-Series mobile broadband

Playstation 3 Launch
Top 7 PR Disasters

80 Turn up to the launch at Myer in australia!

This weeks tip:
Freeware download meter:
For the people fed up with having to do things like buy DU Meter, this is a freeware way of seeing how much bandwith and speed you are really using up with your internet. The good parts of this one include a estimate of what you will use that month, good for staying under your cap or download limit!
DailyDIY to the rescue again!

Video of the week:
Spiderman 3
Final trailer, go spidey!
Watch the awesome trailer here on yahoo
or the lower resolution youtube link - which is slightly different!

Pirates of the Caribbean : At World's End
Youtube link of the final for this trilogy

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