Wednesday, August 01, 2007

ausTech news - Episode 58: AUSSIE GAME INDUSTRY BOOM

Episode 58: Aussie game industry boom

Although its been a quiet week, I find time to talk about wireless media players, as well as the positive state that the games industry is in Australia - heres to a great future!

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Change googles background to black, to save worlds energy - oook

uTorrent is now the official bittorrent client - source

BlackBerry owes this guy a girlfriend - source

Aussie Game Industry now worth 1 Billion Dollars - source

WoW reaches 9 Million users
Link to gamearena thread - where is the proper story! Regardless, thats 9 Million poor souls..

During this show, I also talk about Wireless Media players, the three models I mention are the Zensonic z500, the Mediagate 350HD, and the Apple TV.

Tip of the week:
Seperate your Work time from your leisure time!
Lifehack usually come up with the goods on practical stuff, and this is no exception.

Video of the week:
After watching this Viral video, I have decided that I would like to become a tree... you'll see.
Lets just hope you like chicken.
Go watch on youtube
And there is a second part..

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