Monday, November 05, 2007

ausTech news - Episode 70: PURE OWNAGE

Episode 70: Pure (P)wnage

After a great weekend, I take the time to go to the World Premiere of Pure Pwnage in Melbourne at the Astor Theatre. Besides taking some poor quality pictures, I meet a lot of great people, and even get too have a picture taken with the guys themselves.

As well as that, theres a lot of games coming out! - And Metal Gear 4 delayed, so I cry a bit about that.

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Manhunt survives Hot coffee spill - info

Crackers to use GPU cards to get at your stuff - info

PS3 Owns the record books - source

Tip of the Week:
Gmail is now offering IMAP support
The first tip here is to do with Gmail. With this tip, you can now check and send your emails from your favourite email program!

Improved vista bootup
An extremely easy tip for Vista users - run msconfig, and follow the step (one step!) to have a full color bootup instead of a clunky old school one! -

Video of the week:
COD 4 Arcade mode
Call of Duty 4.... Arcade Style. You get points for chain kills
Go watch on gametrailers

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