Monday, November 26, 2007

ausTech news - Episode 73: ASUS EEE REVIEW

Episode 73: asus EEE madness

With Gadget Madness running through my veins, I review the Asus EEE Laptop before it reaches australian shores and give a verdict on what may be a gadget lovers dream device. I also talk about Service Pack 3 for Windows XP and how it may affect people moving to Vista - and even have some room to fit in an excellent video to watch this week, and tips to help troubleshooting a friends pc even easier

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MS Explorer crashes

Seasame St: not for kids! - where else would this be from?

Testers say XP Sp3 is faster - soruce

Top 10 IT Disasters - list

Asus EEE Review
By Brett (thats me!)

I talk about using the EEE, its Specifications, and why this laptop may be one of the most fun gadgets you may ever purchase - its a lot of fun!

(note the 50cent coin to compare the size of the laptop)

Tip of the week:
Theme: Support and diagnostics
These two tools are sure to make showing people your latest photoshop trick or running through a problem when you can't be there yourself easy, as well as finding out what is in your computer much easier in a pinch.
Camtasia Studio 3 - for free
Go watch on youtube


Go watch on youtube

Video of the week:
I feel fantastic!
Written by Jonahton Coulton, who also wrote "still alive" for Portal,
this song is catchy and will make you smile
Go watch on youtube

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