Monday, November 12, 2007

ausTech news - Episode 71: HELLGATE HELL


It's game madness! I try to pick up the pieces and keep track of everything that is coming out - and in the process, I get swept away by the Awesomeness that is Call of Duty 4.

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Online Translator insults ministers mum - source

Hellgate Billing Issues - source

New Wii Channel: Check Mii out coming - source

The end of online stupidity - Full story

I also talk about Call of Duty 4. I can see that eating up a lot of time!

Video of the week:
Stupid gaming moments
A collection of funny bugs, What the? moments and other weird
bits in old games.
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Video of the week:
Pure Pwnage Episode 15
Well, I ranted about it last episode, now you can watch it for yourself!
Go watch on

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