Monday, November 19, 2007

ausTech news - Episode 72: EGAMES EXPO

Episode 72: eGames Expo

This week on the show I talk about my time at the eGames exhibition, held at the exhibition centre in melbourne between 16-18th November.

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Video of the week:
Good Game - Pure ownage episode
A funny episode that took advantage of the Pure Ownage crew being in melbourne.
The cast is full of energy, and the choice of games will make you laugh.
Go the roffle cup!
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(Note: the episode is 8, Season 2)

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Partial Transcript of the eGames coverage:
Things were off to a bit of a shaky start, with the exhibition centre also being host to the popular "Sexpo". I had to double check I was going to the right place, with all the ads for that outside the front, and not much signage for eGames. After that, I got inside and spent some time looking around - there were a lot of stalls around, as well as computers gaming. I was impressed by the lack of extra cheesy "DOOF DOOF" music, which made it easier to hear people compared to last year. Many friendly people, both from Stalls, and the actual people coming in to check out whats going on. All kinds of ages were there, from Veterans coming to check it all out, all the way to kids with their families playing the latest games on the Wii and Playstation 3.

Companies like Scorptec which is a well known online aussie pc store were there, and I got to see in person for the first time a Nvidia 8800GT. Although still roughly the same length as the Nvidia 8800 Series cards, the single slot cooler looks a lot more neat and "cleaner", and more professionally made. Standing in a case next to its bigger brother, a 8800Ultra sure showed whos boss, with a massive cooler that was still not able to hide the heat pipes and huge heatsink underneath cooling the card.

Intels talk on the newer Penryn and future processors was pretty neat, the enthusiasm from the intel speaker was cool, talking about overclocking, and even having an assistant on stage that was showing how to actually overclock, and explained all the normal terms like multiplier, front side bus. From the speech it is evident that Intel are very confdent of extending their lead more from AMD. I sure wouldn't like to be in AMD's camp right now, although I hope they are able to pick up their ball sometime next year to keep things competitive. Even more fun before the intel speech, was a build off competition as well, where 5 people went on stage, and they all were under pressure to build a computer as fast as possible. The bonus? The winner got to keep the pc they had just built! Roughly worth $2,500 - so a pretty high spec one.

There was a cosplay section, which definately sticks out as one of the funnest and cool things to watch that I've seen in a long time! I thought that this would have been cheesy, knowing that cosplay is about people dressing up like their favourite video game charecters, but this was just geek heaven. Some obscure games were represented besides the usual final fantasy, things such as a law game on the Nintendo DS, and as soon as they struck their charecter poses I burst out laughing remembering the game - Good times, and a great dose of nostalgia, and fun fan stuff! a big highlight that was unexpected for me.

Speaking of people, there was a large array of people that behind the scenes, make the community tick. For example, not just representitives - but the real people running and helping in their field. People from gamestah were there both on a discussion panel as well as doing live commentary for lan games where players got to take on Immunity, well known for being the best Counterstrike 1.6 players and overall most respected clan in australia. So of course, they whooped everyone, but there were free for alls with people at the expo, and if you were unlucky enough to take on immunity, you would get a shirt and prizes for it (next year, maybe a towel or cloth would be good, to wipe their sweat off if they were able to take a round without raging!)

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