Thursday, January 10, 2008

ausTech news - Episode 77: New Year, New Gear, New CES

Episode 77: New Year, New Gear, New CES

What a way to open up the year! I take for a drive a completely new podcast setup, with the advantage being the ability to go live, and to easily put other people in the show. Its going to bring a new dynamic to the show, and I like to both welcome new listeners, and older veteran's who've joined up sometime in the past 76 Episodes. Look forward to great new things soon!

This week on the show, I Cover The CES coverage from the major outlets, and sift through to see things which are worth talking about. For example, 150 Inch Screens anyone?

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Also on this weeks show:

  • Darth Vader in Soul Calibur IV
  • CES info
  • Top 10 Movies this year
  • And a brand new podcast, for a new year

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Dog kills man with shotgun - source
Boeing 787 - now hackable! - source

Australia to enforce ratings system online - source

Darth vader will be in Soul Calibur IV! - source

Darpa is inventing a nasal spray that lets you stay awake for days - source

Top 10 Anticipated movies - article

Lots of mp3 players, like a 32gig Sansa View
Creative inpersion looked good until it was 700 + monthly fee
Hybrid SLI Technology launched by nvidia
Bill gates is going part time July 1st
Wireless usb devices have video on them, cool future tech
Samsung shown off a 150inch tv
Pictures of a prototype asus eee 8 inch:
SuperSoaker Guy looks to double solar effiency
Shuttle launch KPC

Asus With wimax, bigger screen - pictures

Tip of the week:
Tip: Free portal sample for nvidia owners
Got a nvidia card? well, Steam are giving you a very sample of Portal.
Give it a go, as its definately a must play game for 2007.
steampowered link

Tip: Free portal sample for nvidia owners
An alternative to, which is a internet messaging program, It is a
fast and effective way to use MSN on the go.

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