Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ausTech news Episode 84: VIRAL GAMING

Episode 84: FREE YOUR MIND

A (unintentional!) focus on alternative input devices this episode, with joysticks able to give true forcefeedback and input devices able to use your mind - are we on the brink of a gaming revolution?

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If you think your lucks ever bad with computers, try being this 12 year old kid who breaks every computer he touches. ( link )

MSI make a heat driven cpu cooler... err?
slashdot.org - source

Cosmo says..
digg.com - social link

Brain controlled input devices this year?
tgdaily.com - the larger headset...
engadget.com - source, and the much sexier OCZ version.

More info on Battlefield Heroes
shacknews.com - source

The best virus you can get
gizmodo.com - source

New nine inch nails record available on the net - for free!
digg.com - source

Could a Maglev joystick rock
newscientist.com - source

Mini PC watch
8GB in the XP-equipped model, up to 12GB or 20GB in the Linux versions, "atom" processor
Nova (mini pc) promos.asus.com - more glossy info, and cheesy porn music. (thanks to charliebrown)
engadget.com - wind pc

User questions:
Parts of the show bring up some questions I'd like feedback on - if you can add your two cents, feel free to leave an email at austechnews@gmail.com !
What do you think about the idea of neural input devices - do they have the potential to become as common as a mouse?
Best place to catch up with gamers, besides a lan - how would you do it?

Video of the week:
Pure Pwnage Episode 16 - Duty Calls
Because the breaks between episodes are so huge, It's worth linking to it.
Video gaming, on a medium suited for it - the internet
Go purepwnage, go!

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