Monday, March 31, 2008

ausTech news Episode 87: SOUNDCARD WARS


We have a few people in the live show thanks to gamestah, and discuss about if the newest updates to windows are worth it, and if you should hold back. Lots of shoutouts, and input from people listening to the show, and a tip for the social blogger or facebooker (gah!) in you.

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Asus and Creative go to waaarrrrrr - source

Vista SP1 and XP sp3 - the aftermath
I talk in detail about the new updates, after the dust has settled.
Bit-tech : core SP1 Update Performance
Bit-tech : Vista SP1 Gaming Performance
Bit-tech: Windows XP SP3 Performance!

Mini PC news - source
Asus EEE 900 To have Bluetooth, Maybe GPS, and a touchscreen!

Tip of the week:
Think Facebook is a load of hogwash? Twitter looks set to be a social site that doesn't suck.
You send short messages, which say what you are up to. People can comment, or your friends can follow. You can send updates via your phone, and subscribe to others and have their updates sent to your phone from/via SMS, seperating the explicit need for a PC. Privacy isn't as important, because you don't write your life story. Twitter itself is kept very simple, and is a dream to code with and for. In about an hour, I have a xml feed which shows it on any website I like. Great future!
Twitters website

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